Happy Thanksgiving to friends and family

ThanksgivingYou may not be having duck, fish and deer for Thanksgiving dinner, as the Pilgrims did, but gathering with family and friends is probably in your plans.
What we think of as the first thanksgiving in 1621 was made possible in part by the Pilgrims’ friends and neighbors.
Massasoit, leader of the confederacy of Wampanoag tribes, and about 90 of his men, brought deer and other meats to the Pilgrim’s harvest celebration. The Pilgrims certainly needed the friends. After a year in the New World, their numbers had declined by half and they had faced deprivation and hardship. The Wampanoag’s generosity was surely welcome.
Today, we still get along with a little help from our friends, neighbors and Creator. Let’s give thanks for our countrymen, our families, and our faith which help us through good and bad times.
Have a thankful, joyous, and safe holiday, friends.