Stay safe: Watch for these dangers in the office

You might already know that if you open the top three drawers of a four-drawer file cabinet, the whole thing could topple down on you.
The office may seem like a quiet, safe place, but any number of injuries can be sustained there.
Falls. Slips, trips and falls are the most common accidents, according to OSHA. Slips are caused by liquid spilled on the floor or rain and snow brought in from the outside.
Trips are caused by anything left in an aisle or extending into it. Both slips and trips can result in a fall.
In a hallway. Watch where you are going so you don’t run into someone. Don’t dial your cellphone or read a report. Don’t run. When you get to the stairs, use the handrail.
Back injuries. They can happen when one person lifts a heavy piece of equipment or a carton of supplies. Always get help to move heavy stuff.
To lift a moderately heavy object by yourself, squat, hold the item securely, then straighten your legs as you rise.
Electrical shocks. Office equipment can cause serious shock and burn injuries if not properly used. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Never remove the third prong from the three-prong  plug of any piece of equipment. If you must temporarily run an extension cord across a walkway, tape it down.
Overloading electrical outlets and extension cords can result in a fire.
Renovations. When a building is undergoing construction, alterations or renovations, keep your distance from the project. Fire departments say this cannot be stressed enough.
Get an escort. If you occasionally work late at night in a large building, a time when everyone else has left, call securtiy and ask to be escorted through the building and to your car.

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