The Four Big Lies of Cigarettes

If you decide to quit smoking even for just one day, cigarettes will start telling you four lies. These lies are so powerful, they sound true. Get ready to hear them and get ready to see them for what they are: false and deadly.

Here are some of the most common:

LIE: Nothing tastes so good as a cigarette. You love to smoke.
When you hear this one, celebrate! So far, you have managed to resist the cigarettes you smoke out of habit. You are ahead of the game. Now you are facing that first lure of addiction. Nicotine is trying to lure you back with a deadly love song. Can you love something that is trying to kill you? Remember how it feels to hack and choke? Remember how a pack of stale cigarettes tastes in your mouth at the end of the day? Hereís the truth: You don’t like the taste of cigarettes and this isn’t love.

LIE: Why are you torturing yourself trying to quit for even one day? You don’t want to quit smoking. You are just making yourself miserable. One cigarette and you are feeling normal again.
When you hear this one, get mad! You are not torturing yourself. Nicotine is torturing you. Nicotine is the enemy. Nicotine is losing its hold on you and it will do anything, SAY ANYTHING, to tie that noose around your lungs again. Here’s the truth: One cigarette and you will be back to the place where those cigarettes squeeze your lungs tighter and tighter until you can’t breathe at all. Then you will know misery, my friend.

LIE: It takes a lot more strength, a lot more willpower than you have to quit smoking. You just can’t do it. You are incapable of doing it!
When you hear this lie, fight. This is a bully talking to you; this is the voice of your abuser. Nicotine is telling you that it is strong and you are weak. It’s a lie! The strange truth is: Nicotine is weaker than you. It gets strength from preying on you. Nicotine is dependent on YOU. Nicotine can only kill you if you believe it is too strong to beat. Nicotine pretends to be stronger than you, so you will not fight back, Write the word Nicotine on something and punch it. Never give in!

LIE: You’ve got to have a cigarette. This situation, this person is just making life too hard right now. You can quit some other time.
When you hear this lie, scream! Scream at that person, that situation, the world, the moon. Scream at Nicotine. Nicotine has never battled a money problem, cried with the kids, grieved, been bored or sad, felt battered, angry or weary. But you have. You have done it all and come through it. You have never needed Nicotine to get through. But Nicotine takes credit for your personal strength. Here’s the truth: Nicotine saps your strength and it makes life harder.

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